Mathias Fennetaux Photography


Growing-up in Paris, Mathias Fennetaux is a self-made photographer. His versatile know how takes him in many diferent photographic fields.

With a diverse range of clients including major companies into the youth subculture and fashion, Mathias Fennetaux is providing artistic direction, creative, production, retouching or simply photography.

He shares his time between commercials, and personal projects as exhibitions and self publishing projects. Mathias is living between Paris and Biarritz. He is currently working on his third books to be released in june 2018.


Self published Books

Et puis Biarritz is my second book self published in may 2016, showing the city of Biarritz as a mellow contemporary poem tinged with nostalgia. The book is a fugitive wandering as a solitary contemplation. A jigsaw puzzle, deliberately left incomplete, captured my intimate vision of Biarritz, a romance where time had paused.

No skateboarding is my first self published project printed in 2011. The book is revealing a decade of unseen portraits of the world most influential skateboarders of all time. I spent over a decade on and off in Los Angeles dedicated to this project. The book is bringing a fresh and intimate look over this underground generation. Click here to access "No Skateboarding" dedicated website. 


Art Shows & Events


2017 La Condition Public - No Skateboarding - Solo Exhibition - Roubaix - Fr


2016 Colette - Et puis Biarritz - Paris - signing

2016 0fr - Et puis Biarritz - Paris - Exhibition and signing

2016 Duchatel - Et puis Biarritz - Biarritz - Exhibition and signing


2014 Space15twenty - No skateboarding - Los Angeles - CA

2013 Cite de la mode et du design - No skateboarding X Ecole Boulle - Paris, Fr

2013 Marseille Provences, La Dernière Vague - No skateboarding - Marseille Provences, Fr

2011 La Gaité Lyrique - Public Domain - No skateboarding - Paris


2011 Colette - No skateboarding - Paris - Exhibition and signing - june 16 to july 16


2005 The Creekart Center solo show - serie board kultur - Shanghai, CH

2003 Agnes B Sport solo show - Paris, Fr

2002 The Reincarnation Project - San-Diego, USA



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